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PR is relationship management. A good PR agency should provide insight on whom a company should be talking to and why, when they should communicate and what they should be saying.


We are the interface to your European audiences.

Today's global business environment is characterised by variety, not uniformity. And the structure of the media industry, linguistic idiosyncrasies, and methods of communication differ from one country to another.

This is true for Europe, in particular. Each European country is a nation that is proud of its heritage, traditions, and particularities and thus contributes to the European culture of diversity. Although Europe has a single market where goods and services can freely float, the media markets are, and will remain, fragmented along national and industry-specific border lines.

In Europe, successful PR is inter-national and local.

phronesis-net.com is a European network of independent PR agencies who are all experts in their respective home markets. It is this network-based approach of optimized local PR that drives the best value of your PR investments.

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If you are looking for an experienced PR agency that has specialised in communicating technical and business-relevant content across Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Public Relations

    Anyone wanting his or her voice to be heard needs to be credible and competent. A PR agency is taken seriously if - and only if- it has proven journalistic skills. Although many of other PR agencies may not agree with us here, we believe that the art of writing should be a core competence of any PR agency.
  • Investor Relations

    This is why one of the main elements of investor relations work is business and financial PR. Every news item has its own background - and it is this background that has to be promptly supplied and put into the right context.

  • Social Media PR

    It’s true that communication within social media works in a particular - albeit not peculiar - way. Hence, companies need to think carefully about whom they want to reach – and with which social media – if they want to avoid the risk of looking naïve or even of being publicly pilloried on the web. Once that’s been defined, they’ll find it much easier to decide on the topics they want to communicate, the type of language to be used, and the processes, resources and media formats – such as text, audio and video – for the content.

  • Business Development Services

    With our deep knowledge of the German-language media market, we can work with you to develop the best possible media collaboration to meet your business development needs

  • Industry Analyst Relations

    We identify the market research companies and analyst firms relevant to your business and help you organise tailored briefings. As a result, industry analysts not only serve as a source of information for you - but also as an ambassador for your key messages.

Phronesis PR GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 9
86156 Augsburg


© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.

© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.