Public Relations

The success of PR depends on the quality of the communication processes.

Companies wanting to communicate effectively with their target groups need to know what language they speak and what media they read.

Anyone wanting his or her voice to be heard needs to be credible and competent. A PR agency is taken seriously if - and only if- it has proven journalistic skills. Although many of other PR agencies may not agree with us here, we believe that the art of writing should be a core competence of any PR agency.

The truth will out - especially during crises when the news situation can be challenging. In these circumstances, crisis PR must be so effective and persuasive that no questions are left unanswered, speculation cannot arise, and mutual trust persists and prevails. Our mastery of these situations is further proof of the long-term viability of phronesis PR's approach to PR.

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© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.

© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.