About us

We are the interface between you and your audiences.

Executing PR strategies and activities successfully is a fairly easy task when the company they are designed for is already well known. What differentiates phronesis-net.com, however, is that we specialise in making companies better known in the first place.

Our long-term client relationships are another thing that makes phronesis-net.com stand out - because stability and confidence are key to successful PR. We put as much work into keeping our clients as we do to win them in the first place.

All members have a deep and long-standing PR experience dating back to the 1990s. They are well regarded as "colleagues" by the media community rather than PR guys who want to sell stories without properly understanding the topics and markets they are in.

Having worked as journalists or PR managers and directors for various high-tech companies the members of phronesis-net.com also understand the "other side" and know how to efficiently and effectively manage the interests of both their customers and the media.


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© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.

© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.