Social Media PR

In a word: social media is sometimes social, but always interactive.

This fact alone demonstrates that companies can no longer get by without a strategy for PR in social media. Some firms see these tools as a cheap alternative to traditional communication, yet this view is mistaken – they may be able to complement it, but can never replace it.

As a result, companies wanting to leverage the benefits of new communication channels should be able to commit sufficient time and other resources to them. Doing things by halves is simply too risky.

It’s true that communication within social media works in a particular - albeit not peculiar - way. Hence, companies need to think carefully about whom they want to reach – and with which social media – if they want to avoid the risk of looking naïve or even of being publicly pilloried on the web. Once that’s been defined, they’ll find it much easier to decide on the topics they want to communicate, the type of language to be used, and the processes, resources and media formats – such as text, audio and video – for the content.

And that’s exactly the same for any other communication channel.

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© Copyright Phronesis PR. All rights reserved.